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Tradition and innovation

Four generations of Fährenkämper

The Fährenkämper company was founded in 1947 by Karl Fährenkämper.

Under the management of engineer Horst Fährenkämper, we have been dealing with 1960 with the production of machines and equipment for gardeners and florists. Since 1998 graduate engineer Frank Fährenkämper took over the company. Since 2023, Bachelor of Engineering Sven Fährenkämper has been managing the company in the fourth generation.

We are successfully involved in the brainstorming, development, production and sale of machines and equipment for gardeners and florists.

Over the last few decades, this has resulted in a comprehensive sales program. We provide our customers with sophisticated machines in the areas of straw base production, wreath binding technology, flower processing, wreath loop printing and many other peripheral areas. The comprehensive range of machines, the high quality and the economical use of our products have made us the market leader in Europe. In close cooperation with our customers, we take up new ideas and try to realize them in the desired form.

Company policy

Your partner in all areas

Our company policy is to provide our customers with the best possible advice and support through our own sales department. We are convinced that a satisfied customer base can only be built up through objective advice, adequate instruction in the use of the machines and good service. 

Packaging solutions

Other business areas

Since 1998 we develop, produce and distribute special wrapping machines. These wrapping machines package and fix products of all kinds. They are marketed under the brand name wrapsolut distributed worldwide.

We offer interested parties comprehensive advice in all areas, with the aim of presenting individual solutions and implementing the ideas.

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