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Tradition and innovation combined: Fährenkämper. From gardening supplies to ultra-modern packaging technology, managed by the fourth generation.

The Fährenkämper company was founded in 1947 by Karl Fährenkämper. Today, the company is managed by the fourth generation, Bachelor of Engineering Sven Fährenkämper.

Fährenkämper is a manufacturing company. All key tasks and areas of expertise are anchored within the company. These are sales, internal company processing, mechanical and electrical design, PLC programming, production, delivery and commissioning as well as service.

The Fährenkämper company is active in two business areas:

Fäco Machines for gardeners and florists
Wrapsolut Standard and special machines for horizontal product packaging

Fährenkämper has established itself as the market leader in Europe thanks to its comprehensive range of machines, high quality and economical usability. Close cooperation with customers, the acceptance of new ideas and their implementation play a decisive role in this.

Fährenkämper offers machines and equipment for various applications, including wreath binding machines, straw pad production, cut flower processing, ribbon printing, wiring/stitching and accessories.

Fährenkämper supplies customers with consumables for the use of their machines. The stock program includes wreath ribbons, embossing foils, ribbon cassettes, wreath binding threads, fleece, plug-in wire, Gerbera support hose, stretch foils and more.

Fäco Machines for
gardeners and florists

Efficient solutions for gardeners and florists: Fäco - Europe's market leader with a wide range of machines and consumables.

Interesting facts about the machines and devices
for gardeners and florists

Practical support in the gardening and floristry sector: Fäco machines offer safe and versatile solutions for every need.

The machines can even be used economically in small companies and retail outlets. Amortization is sometimes achieved after just 6 months. The machines have a very compact design and will also find a place in your business.

The machines and devices make your day-to-day work easier and simpler. They support your manual skills and make your work processes easier and faster.

As the machines support and simplify your manual work, handling the devices is self-explanatory. Instructions and tips on how to use them are summarized in the documentation.
Hazard analyses are carried out as early as the development stage and the results are taken into account in the design. All machines comply with European safety guidelines and are CE-compliant.

Fährenkämper offers you fast, competent and honest advice. You will be looked after directly by us as the manufacturer. In addition, local sales partners in some of our neighboring European countries are available to you as contact persons in your national language.

Fährenkämper offers a fast and reliable supply of consumables. Customers can conveniently order the goods they need by phone or e-mail. An online store system is in the works.


Customer-oriented partnership: Fährenkämper - Personal advice in sales and convenient ordering of consumables.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Thank you for your interest in Fährenkämper machinery and equipment!

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