Wiring/plugging in

Fast, simple, reliable

Garnishing unit SP

Unsurpassed precision for creative decorations

Unleash your creativity with the SP garnishing appliance - effortless garnishing for every occasion!

Give your decorations the perfect finishing touch with the SP garnishing tool - for a firm hold and unique designs.


This device is unsurpassed for decorating Roman wreaths, fir wreaths with beading, hearts, crosses, cushions etc. made of polystyrene or other materials. Whole bunches or individual stems can be provided with tips in 3 different lengths.

Mode of action

Operating the SP dunnage applicator is uncomplicated and simple. The material to be wired is placed in the front opening after a tip has been dispensed from the magazine by pulling the lever. The six staples are now placed firmly around the material when the same lever is pushed backwards.

Technical data


11 cm

Height:29 cm
Depth:27 cm
Weight:6 kg

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